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The vehicles in Renegade X are powerful units that allow the player to destroy enemy vehicles as well as buildings more effectively. Many of the vehicles are expensive and/or slow, but make up for it in usability and firepower.

Brotherhood of Nod[edit | edit source]

Nod Buggy.png Buggy
Nod APC.png Armored Personnel Carrier
Nod Mobile Artillery.png Mobile Artillery
Nod Flame Tank.png Flame Tank
Nod Light Tank.png Light Tank
Nod Stealth Tank.png Stealth Tank
Nod Chinook.png Transport Helicopter
Map-pic-missing-cameo.BMP Apache

Global Defence Initiative[edit | edit source]

GDI Humvee.png Humvee
GDI APC.png Armored Personnel Carrier
GDI MRLS.png Mobile Rocket Launcher System
GDI Medium Tank.png Medium Tank
GDI Mammoth Tank.png Mammoth Tank
GDI Chinook.png Transport Helicopter
Map-pic-missing-cameo.BMP Orca Fighter
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