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Hi i was wondering if they wear going to have the build servers's like they did in Renegade CommandCoquer beta version 1.6 ? Thos were so much fun Spent hours playing on them Sucks they are offline now i never got make OWN build server ' but if u could bring thos back i think alot of ppl would start playing Renegade X even more than they did on Renegade 1.6 beta

0 And oh make sure if u do go with adding build server's U can have commands and . I know way you can make money off this too . You can have option to buy build server . aND turn it in to custom build server . And you buy special stuff for your custom server you payed for
) . I wiLL BUY ONE!!!! I PAY UPTO $ 10 BUCKS FOR my own build server . so pleause get them Bck :) Thanks . And what i mean by commands stuff like this !mammy !open !save !load !house1 !house1 !sank !flamer !build !bomb !Ion

can you ad more factions like the skrin zacom and black hand you can fined out more about them on tiberam wars three